Notre famille

Marie-laure Perromat

Jacques’ wife, Marie Laure, threw herself into this family adventure in 1990 and has since become the ambassador for Perromat wines.

She has focused her efforts on direct sales to the general public, on export sales around the world and on wine tourism. She also takes part in the blending phase of the winemaking, and adds a feminine touch to this process.

Marguerite Perromat-Machy

From their marriage onwards, Marguerite worked alongside her husband Michel, on the Perromat family wine estate at Cabriol.

Her father, Louis Machy, passed down Château d’Armajan des Ormes to her in 1973, but he also instilled in her his passion for heritage, the value of hard work and the importance of sharing.

She pursued with the Château’s renovations and was very much the driving force behind the Château making a name for itself, in the Sauternes appellation.

Bénédicte Perromat

Guillaume’s wife, Bénédicte, specialises in ergonomics and she plays an active part in the estates’ daily life, thanks to her reliable advice as to how our estates can be modernised.

She is also in charge of welcoming visitors at Château d’Armajan des Ormes.

Jacques Perromat

Jacques is a qualified oenologist and in 1983, he joined forces with his father Michel in the family business.

Two years later, he took over 1 hectare of vines owned by his in-laws at Mazères, in the Graves.

He could sense the underlying potential of this terroir and decided to launch Château Beauregard Ducasse that he and Marie-Laure have nurtured and built up over the years.

Michel Perromat

Michel represents the 5th generation of winegrowers, and he too chose to carry on the family tradition by settling down at Cabriol with his wife Marguerite.

In 1953, he joined forces with his father-in-law, Louis Machy for the takeover of Château d’Armajan des Ormes.

Ever a visionary, he set up an approach focussing on quality and was very much the force behind the ongoing development and fine reputation of our estates. 

To this day, both he and his wife still watch kindly over their sons’ work, as they continue to address quality as the number 1 priority.  

Guillaume Perromat

With a PhD in Pharmacy and specialist knowledge of tannins, Guillaume was put in charge of the vinification process and vineyard management, alongside his brother Jacques, when they took over from their father in 1995.

At Château d’Armajan des Ormes, he keeps the legacy of the Perromat’s passion for wine and its attachment to the estate’s rich history alive.