Domaine de Cabirol

The Domaine de Cabirol which is the Perromat’s historic family property is located at the heart of the Entre-deux-Mers in Camiac et Saint Denis.

The Perromat family has owned this vineyard since 1828. The two brothers, Jacques and Guillaume Perromat now run the domaine and they are driven by traditions and expertise that have been passed down over 6 generations. The vineyard is also located at La Sauve Majeure, at the heart of the Entre Deux Mers.

The terroir

The vineyard is perched up on hilltops that are criss-crossed by the numerous streams that have shaped them. In the « Entre Deux Mers », the vines benefit from a perfect environment: favourable exposures, predominant clay soils and a gentle and mild maritime climate.

Our wines at Cabirol